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You setup Quality standard, we go to follow up your request with factory, and quality report will be given it to you in a regular basis. Any problem Findings will report to you immediately.

We are your Eyes in China!

Certain Product need to meet the standards set by importing country. We can Arrange for testing products and provide necessary certifications.

If your product require testing ,We can help you test the products from independent reputed labs in China


The complete and illustrated quality inspection report will be send to you within 24 hours.

From the AI control, to the check of the hardware, of the different parts, the assembling, the finishing, and the packaging, we will make sure for you that the items you ordered can be delivered according to your requirements.

If the inspection is failed, we will tell you the reasons, how and why problems happened, and what are the options you have on hands to solve the issue. Once your decision is taken, we will communicate with the supplier in order to have them rework properly.


Due to their background as quality inspectors, developers or production leaders, Yeshasia auditors are the ideal people to conduct a furniture supplier audit. Machines, production lines and flows, storage areas and materials. Plus, being part of a multi cultural organization provides them with a big advantage for understanding environmental and social issues our customers are concerned with.


By assessing the performance, electrical safety, regulatory, and sustainability of your products, Yeshasia experts can provide assurance of the quality and safety of your products but sometimes some clients have special requirement for getting third party tests done for products.Thanks to our relations and partnerships with several reputed labs in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, we can manage any lab test for you and provide the total quality assurance solutions to meet your product needs.

Tailor Made Solutions

With our staff and management based in China, Yeshasia can become your exclusive agent for your purchase, and complete follow up within the country.

We will represent your interests at your supplier’s factory to discuss face to face, and follow up the complete process of your orders, from the order placements until the closing of the containers doors.

We are your eyes and ears in China, your own office, so feel free to contact us, and we will discuss your needs in details.