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One Stop Solution

Be Your Representative office

Over the years with all the hard work put in and knowledge acquired in the fields of sourcing goods out of China and
importing within mainland China Yeshasia Enterprises is now a brand name. All thanks to our staff who have put in
their 100% every single day. We are well informed and one of the most committed teams who have only passed on
information crucial to the clients benefit. So when we represent you, your company is going to receive the best
service. We have a great network of suppliers, they have gained out trust with years of reliable service and best in
market quality.


To Help You Find What You Need

Being a part of Yeshasia’s team our clients can rely on us to do the hard work of identifying, sourcing and negotiating
prices. Our client simply has to browse available products or tell us what they require. The focus of our team is what
are our clients need. We will religiously look for every little detail you wish to add into your projects, which is why our
team is assembled together in such a way that the client feels at ease.


To Help You Cost Budget & Control

Sourcing specific products for many clients who are interior decorators or designing their own hotels and houses is the most crucial requirement. However for a business person no matter the size of project, small or big, the costing of their product is undeniably critical. Our team know the running costs for products we source and they are experienced negotiators. So you will benefit tremendously when you are escorted by one of our team members.


To Help Quality Control From Start To End

We have done our best in making sure our clients enjoy a hassle free experience when the containers reach the destination. It goes without saying that our products go through a thorough quality check before they get loaded into the containers.


Guarenteed Lead Time And Trusted Logistic

Our team is great at timekeeping, and have a systematic strategy in place for all different requirements and situations that may arise. We try our best to push forward the product loading and shipping to meet the requested date.


After sales Services

After your sales are done, a lot of other companies will think the hard part is done and ignore your calls. However our team will follow through and make sure the products are being loaded in the right ship for the date requested on the receiving end. We are even happy to take your call after contract completion.